Hilarious Text-Based Pranks That Will Make You Laugh

Are you a notorious prankster, always ready to go and pull a brilliant prank on your friends and family? Or are you one of those people who always bites the dust whenever your friends need a target for pranking? Time to get some revenge, then! Here are the funniest, most hilarious, and sometimes cruelest prank ideas via a text message!

Pranking to the Next Level: The Best Anonymous Text Pranks!

Text prank

The art of pranking has evolved somewhat over the last couple of years. Especially with the rise of technology, which opened endless possibilities for smart, cunning, smartphone-based jokes. Say hello to text pranks!

One of the best things about sending someone an anonymous text prank is the fact that you can drag it on forever, especially when you start slow. That way, you can reach a maddening level of absurdity before anyone realizes they’re being messed with. Be strategic about the whole thing.

How to send an anonymous text prank?

A prank falls flat on its face when the potential victim immediately knows who the prankster is. Anonymity is key if you want to fool someone while using a text message successfully. In this paragraph, we’ve sketched step-by-step instructions for you to deliver the ultimate stunt anonymously, so you can enjoy your text prank:

  1. Go to our homepage, fill in the telephone number of your target, and create your text message. Always check if the green check icon is visible, to make sure the number is correct.
  2. Are you done writing your prank? Then choose a fake sender name from the list of senders and simply click ‘send’. Your message will be delivered within seconds!
  3. Would you rather have your message delivered at another time? Sure! Just select the desired time and your text will be queued and delivered whenever you want.
  4. You’ll always receive a confirmation when your text is successfully delivered. And the best thing is, you can send as many text pranks as you want. Good to know if you’re a bit of a sadist!
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Text prank ideas

Here are some basic anonymous text pranks that work every single time!

  • Does your friend have to wake up early every morning to do his newspaper rounds? Then send something along the lines of: ‘We received complaints about newspapers not being delivered. This will not do, please contact us ASAP.’
  • Do you have a gossipy sister whose WhatsApp groups resemble a chicken coop filled with sneaky, stealthy chickens? Try: ‘A new virus that primarily circulates on WhatsApp sends all your private messages to all contacts.’
  • Did your brother take an awfully long time to acquire his driver’s license? Time to make him jump with anxiety! Send him ‘Because of a technical malfunction in our computer systems your license is not valid. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule another exam.’
  • Are your parents stressed out because of a move? Send something like: ‘Dear sir/madam, the moving van will arrive at …(fake address and fake town) at approximately 14.00 hrs.’

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Funny text pranks

Do you want to mess with someone’s head? Leaving them baffled and dumbfounded? Then be inspired by the following pranks. They’re outrageously funny if you play your cards right!

  • Do you have parents who are bordering on the overprotective side? Who are always warning you to be careful with booze and drugs? Of course, we understand they’re worried, but it’s still hilarious to play and toy a bit with their anxieties. Send your mother a text saying: ‘Got 2 grams for 40: bargain, right?!’ and follow that up with: ‘Sorry, wasn’t meant for you.’ Be vague in response to their concerned messages for as long as possible. But stop before your mother gets a nervous breakdown. Obviously.
  • Wait for someone to text you and pretend you don’t know them. Make use of a lot of ‘Who is this?’, ‘I have no idea who you are’, ‘I guess you’re texting the wrong person, ‘Sorry, but I’m not going to meet with a total stranger’ and ‘If you don’t stop harassing me, I’m going to call the police you right now.
  • Text one of your co-workers you’re close with and keep them on the edge of their seat about some sort of horrible mistake you supposedly made. Begin with: ‘OMG, I’m so fired’, then build things up as you go along.

For example:

You: I’m so fired.

Co-worker: What happened?!

You: I had one job and I totally blew it.

Co-worker: What did you do then?

You: I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I did it anyway.

Co-worker: What, WHAT?!

You: God, should I tell our boss? I’m not sure, then I’ll sure be fired.

Co-worker: Would you tell me what happened!

You: Maybe I can best pretend I know nothing about it.

Co-worker: Are you gonna tell me or what?

You: Nah, better keep it to myself, much safer that way. Thanks, bye!

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Songtext pranks

Song lyrics reflect a lot of our own daily lives. They can reflect joy and happy times, but that will probably not get you very far in terms of prankster brilliance. It’s the heartbreak, sorrow, and anger you need.

Ever sent your lover a line of a lyric from a typical break-up song? And then, after the baffled or worried response, sent the next line? Driving it further and further until your target is either in tears or downright furious because of your impersonal and stupid way of breaking up?

Try it, it’s hilarious! Don’t forget to buy flowers, chocolates, or a sixpack of special beers for a peace offering after the prank is done, though. Of course, you can send a song text prank for every occasion or situation, just check out the lyrics to your favourite songs!

A few examples to help you on your way:

1. ‘Superficial’ by Ruth B

‘You’re really cute, I must admit

But I need something deeper than this…

This superficial love thing got me going crazy

Baby, if you want me, then you better need me

Cause I’m so done, not being your number one’

2. ‘Comfortably numb’ by Pink Floyd

‘I hear you’re feeling down

Well, I can ease your pain

Get on your feet again


I’ll need some information first

Just the basic facts

Can you show me where it hurts?’

3. ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia

‘Well, you couldn’t be that man that I adored

You don’t seem to know or seem to care what your heart is for

I don’t know him anymore

There’s nothing where he used to lie

Our conversation has run dry

That’s what’s going on

Nothing’s fine I’m torn’

4. ‘History’ by One Direction

‘You gotta help me

I’m losin’ my mind

Keep gettin’ the feeling

You wanna leave this all behind

Thought we were goin’ strong

I thought we were holdin’ on

Aren’t we?’

5. ‘Where did you sleep tonight’ by Nirvana

‘My girl, my girl

Don’t lie to me

Tell me where did you sleep last night?

In the pines, in the pines

Where the sun don’t ever shine

I would shiver the whole night through’

Tip! Pick any song with a lot of questions in it and find a poor victim in your contact list to slowly but surely text the questions to, one by one. Worth the effort!

Text pranks on friends

What good are friends for if you can’t mercilessly tease them once in a while? So go right ahead, and drive them crazy. It’s not as if they haven’t done the same thing to you time and again, right? It doesn't matter if you start or it is a revenge text prank. You got this.

Some examples:

  • Is your best friend constantly buying stuff online? And has he bought Ikea’s Billy or some other enormous thing he can’t stuff in his tiny car? Then be sure to send this text prank: ‘Hi, it’s the delivery guy. It appears you’re not at home, so I will deliver the package to the distribution center where you can pick it up tomorrow.’
  • A classic! Text your friend these simple words: ‘I’m sorry’, and then revert to radio silence. Cruel, but always a winner when it comes to breeding anxious, rattled friends who go out of their minds questioning what’s going on.
  • Text that something awful has happened at your apartment, which you can’t reveal over the phone. Express how mortified you are and that you need your friends as soon as possible at your place. Let’s see who shows up first!
  • Text nothing more than: ‘I’m so disappointed, I thought we were friends’ to your bestie. Be ready to be flooded with questions and prepare yourself with some vague answers that reveal just enough to stay believable.
  • Create a message that sounds like a bot and when your friend texts, you copy and paste this message over and over again until your friend goes completely bonkers. Need an example? Sure: ‘Thanks for reaching out to our alcoholics' anonymous program. We’ll send you hourly inspirational messages to keep you motivated. Standard text rates may apply, please reply with STOP if you do not wish to receive our updates.’
  • Don’t recognize your friend when he or she texts you. When asked who you are, give a different name and pretend to be someone else. To confuse matters more, say you do know the person they’re trying to reach or think of some other weird turn of events to completely shake his or her marbles.
  • There are numerous texting lists around. Just pretend to be one of them, for example, an activist list or a list for avid fishermen, and bombard your friend with hourly updates.

So, now you hopefully have enough inspiration for all kinds of pranks for friends. You can go.

Text pranks and revenge texts on boyfriend

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably recognize this. Without sounding dim, relationships can get boring or repetitive. That special spark is gone and while there’s a certain cosiness to spending your evenings on the couch binge-watching series, there’s also something missing. Something exciting, something that makes you see each other in a whole new light.

Perhaps a brilliant prank will get you to notice each other again!

  • Absolute classic: text your girlfriend that ‘you haven’t been fully honest lately’. And that you would like to speak to her in private as soon as possible. Make her rush to your place, where you’re waiting with a fully cooked meal to make up for being such a miserable prankster.
  • The fake pregnancy prank. Also one of the more familiar ones, but still very usable if you have a gullible boyfriend. Be a bit hesitant at first, as though you’re not quite sure how to deliver the news. Then tell him you’ve done a pregnancy test and it’s positive.
  • Text message your boyfriend and tell him his ex has called you to go for a drink. The last thing your boyfriend wants is for the two of you to get friendly and exchanging stories about him. Be sure to stop the prank before he furiously calls his ex, though.
  • Haven’t met the dreaded in-laws yet? Then text message your boyfriend and tell him you’re sitting on a terrace with his mother, having a glass of wine, and she’s spilling all the beans about his past love life. Text the address of the café you’re at and let’s see how fast he can run.
  • Text message your boyfriend while pretending you’re your own father. Ask him what his future plans are and if he’s really serious about you. Take it one step further and ask your boyfriend the weirdest, most uncomfortable questions imaginable and find out how far he’ll go to please your parents!
  • Send her a text wishing her good luck on her test or interview this afternoon. As it’s completely out of the blue, she’ll probably start doubting herself, frantically wondering what it is she’s forgotten.
  • The vague text: say you couldn’t believe he’s treated you so poorly at that party or get together with friends the other night. Say you feel humiliated and that the whole experience has made you question your relationship altogether.

Best prank ever

One of the best pranks in our book is fake subscribing someone to something ridiculous. Let’s say you pretend you’re a subscription service of daily horoscopes or facts and figures about cats, chameleons, or zebra’s, or whatever. You simply send your victim an anonymous text message reading:

  • Hi, welcome to your daily doses of furry felines! We’re excited you never want to miss out on the latest facts and figures about your purring little friends, so let’s get started! Did you know that cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees? Amazing, right! Stay tuned for another fun fact in one hour!
  • Hi, thank you for subscribing to Astrology Daily. Starting tomorrow, you will receive your personalized daily horoscope. Will you get rich, will you get sick or will you finally get your paws on that delightful man or woman you’ve been gawking at for ages now? There’s only one way to find out!

The funniest thing is when you add the following: ‘To cancel your subscription, please text STOP and wait for the confirmation’. Of course, you never confirm. When they finally give up sending STOPS, you will have your next text message ready for the following day or hour, depending on how vicious you are. It drives them nuts, every time!

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April Fools’ text pranks

The first of April is coming, which means prankster alert. Curious as to why anonymous text pranks may be better than the original April Fools’ prank? Here goes:

  • On April Fools’ day, people tend to be more on guard when they’re around other people. They won’t necessarily expect a good prank over the phone.
  • If you’re not blessed with a poker face, there’s nothing easier than a text prank. Your victim will never get the chance to catch your giggling or reddening face.
  • While the jokes of fart pillows or poops on laptops pass by pretty fast, a text prank can be dragged on forever. Meaning things can get downright ludicrous before anyone realizing they’re getting messed with.

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