Send a Hilarious April Fools' Day Text Prank!

Be wary, April Fools’ Day is approaching! The first of April is the day we try to fool each other and try to best one another with clever jokes and pranks. From typical balloon pranks to airhorn-jokes and sneaky fake texts.

Send a Hilarious April Fools' Day Text Prank!

Prank your family, friends, or trick colleagues!

On the first of April, we should be wary of friends, family, and colleagues. Or should they be wary of you? If you really want to prank them this year, try sending a fake, anonymous text which will surely scare them for a moment! Completely anonymous, superfast and super-simple.

A quick history tour

April Fool’s day finds its roots in century-old tradition. Most people think this tradition started somewhere around 1572. However, there is evidence that leads us all the way back to the Roman era.

The French are famous for sticking a paper fish to the backs of unsuspecting friends. And the English? We of course yell “April Fools’!” when we made fun of someone. In Scandinavia, it is tradition to publish an entirely fake story on the front page of the newspapers.

Nowadays, media and companies are in on this century-old tradition as well. Publishing funny or strange ‘fake’ news items usually results in funny mistakes. Google, for example, has been joking around on the first of April since 2000 and has a long list of famous pranks such as a lifesize Picasa album, using your body to use Google Docs and Google Teleport, which you could use to time travel.

One of Google’s most hilarious April Fool’s pranks came in 2013, where they offered to search for smells. Maybe this will become a reality in the future.

The first of April with a text

Coming up with a good April Fools’ prank is difficult. But that doesn’t let you from trying this year! We offer you everything you need to successfully prank someone via anonymous text.

  1. Go to our homepage, where you can create your text. You only need the mobile number from the unsuspecting victim to start. Fill out the number and make sure the green check icon is visible. This confirms that the number is correct.
  2. When you’re done with writing the text message, choose a fake sender handle from the list of senders. Next, simply click ‘send’ and your April Fool’s text prank will be delivered within seconds.
  3. Rather want to plan your message and have it delivered at another time? No problem! We suggest you don’t choose another date (just to be sure!) but another time is no problem, of course. Select the desired time, and your text will be queued and delivered.
  4. You’ll always receive a confirmation when the text is successfully delivered. And you can send as many April Fool’s texts as you want (which is great if you’re a bit of a sadist…) 😈
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Need inspiration? No worries!

Coming up with a great April Fool’s day prank isn’t the easiest of tasks. This takes months of intense preparation and brainstorm sessions. Kidding, of course!

You don’t need to be a mastermind to trick friends, family or colleagues. Of course, every prank requires a different approach, depending on the person. You could do prank someone on his typical weak spot, or use actuality as the base for your prank.

The most important factor for a successful April Fools’ prank? Make sure to sow doubt and indecision. As soon as someone starts doubting if your prank is true or not, you are successful.

You know your victims well, and this gives you enough ammunition to pull off a successful prank. Need inspiration? Read our April Fool’s anonymous texts pranks:

  • One of your friends is finally recovering from a breakup with his or her terrifying ex? Then send something along the lines of: ‘I can’t forget you. I want you back! Let’s meet tonight around 21:00 at our favourite place?’. This prank is mean, so it might be a good idea to go to the place yourself with a peace offering.
  • If you have a friend that gets up early to make the newspaper round, then send this: ‘We received complaints about the newspaper not being delivered. Contact us right away!’.
  • Are you aware that your sister likes to gossip in WhatsApp groups? Try something like: ‘A new virus that primarily circulates on WhatsApp sent all your private messages to all your contacts!’
  • Did it take your brother longer than usual to acquire his driver’s license? Try something like: ‘Because of a technical malfunction in our computer system, we have to inform you that your driver’s license is not valid. Contact us at the earliest convenience to schedule another exam’.
  • Are your parents stressed out because they are re-doing the garden? Send something like: ‘Dear Sir / Madam; you will receive your delivery of 500 lb. of sand this afternoon at ... (address here).’

Be careful... don’t take it too far. Most texts have the effect of causing slight panic straight away.

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4 Hilarious Text Pranks for April Fool’s!

  1. The fake astrology subscription text prank. Send this text to your friend: ‘Thank you for subscribing to Astrology Daily. Starting tomorrow, we will deliver your personalized daily horoscope to you. To cancel this subscription text STOP to Insert your number here.’ Let’s face it, nobody wants to be spammed with a daily horoscope text. Once your prank victim tries to send STOP to your number, he will know you’ve fooled him.
  2. Are your friends constantly buying stuff online? This makes them the perfect target for this anonymous Aprils Fool’s text prank. Send this text: ‘Hi, it’s the delivery guy. Low on battery so can’t call. Your doorbell is super dirty. Can’t use it, please clean. Will come back later.’ Follow this up by calling the next day and asking if the doorbell is alright. People are afraid to miss a delivery; this makes this text prank work well.
  3. A different version of the previous text prank, which works well when your friends like to order food. Send this text to get them out of the house: ‘Hi, it’s the delivery guy. Low on battery, can’t call. Your doorbell doesn’t work. Placed the food in front of your door. Have to go.’ Less effective than the first one, but still annoying.
  4. Annoying but a classic. Text your friend ‘I’m sorry..’. This is a home run to rattle anxious friends. Bonus points if they are in a relationship. Just make sure to call them the next day and alleviate their concerns. Alternatively, you can send ‘I have to confess..’, this works best if you are playing a prank on a people in a relationship.
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3 Best April Fool’s Text Pranks for your Boyfriend

  1. Send your boyfriend an anonymous text pretending to be your mom. Ask him what his future plans about your daughter are. Tell him at your age, you were much further along in your relationship and that you expect a clarification at the next family dinner. Follow this up, by calling him later and telling him, that your mum has invited you to a family dinner.
  2. The used panties shopping confirmation text. Use the send later functionality to send an anonymous text to your boyfriend and make sure you are at his place when it arrives. Use a text like this: ‘Your dirty housewife panties delivery is on its way. Your worn hot housewife panties will be delivered within the next week. Thank you for your purchase!’ Now you just need to pretend, that you caught a glimpse of the text message and make a fuzz. That hilarious moment of your boyfriend trying to get out of this one until you free him will be pure gold.
  3. The fake present 🎁 prank. Text your boyfriend: ‘My battery is empty. Waiting outside your house. A little surprise is waiting for you honey, but I need your help carrying it. xoxo’ Chances are high your boyfriend will quickly rush outside to get his present. Of course, it will be in vain, as there won’t be anybody waiting for him.

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