Pulling April Fools' pranks via WhatsApp

Searching for the ultimate April Fools' prank? Check out our 10 funny WhatsApp texts and let the laughter begin! Discover comedy in a whole new light.

Pulling April Fools' pranks via WhatsApp

Where does April Fools' Day come from?

The origin of April Fools' Day remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: this day is known for its unpredictability and deceitfulness. It seems that people have been fooling others since the 16th century.

April Fools' Day is celebrated all over the world with April fools' jokes and pranks. People love to play practical jokes at work, at school, or at home. Who doesn't know the classics, such as putting plastic wrap over the toilet seat and putting salt in the sugar jar?

Companies are also increasingly getting creative with April Fools' Day and coming up with original, creative jokes.

Now you have a bit of an idea about the origins of April Fools' Day. It's time to get some inspiration for funny WhatsApp messages that you can use on April Fools' Day!

10 funny WhatsApp messages

Are you ready to prank your friends, family, and colleagues on April Fool's Day? In addition to sharing the best text jokes, we've got you covered with ten funny WhatsApp messages that you can use. From an angry boss to a paid text service for a dating site, these jokes are sure to make someone (you) laugh.

Sometimes it's fun to send a funny WhatsApp message in your own name, but it can also be amusing to package the joke in an anonymous text message. So, grab your phone, copy these messages, and send them along.

Funny WhatsApp messages to your friends

Great ideas to send to your friends:

Congratulations [name of person]! Your application for our exclusive dating service has been approved. You will now receive up to 4 messages per day ($ 1.60 per message) from interested parties.
Your account for [name of online game] will be suspended and deleted tomorrow because there is still an open payment.
  • Or how about this one? Make your friends think they accidentally put something up for sale. Send an anonymous message saying you saw their advertisement and want to make an offer. When they get confused, say that you appreciate their attempt to bargain, but you know what it's worth.

Funny WhatsApp ideas to send to colleagues

Do you want to fool your colleagues? Take a look at one of the ideas below.

At [company name], we take hygiene within the company very seriously. That's why we want to let you know that from now on, we will be checking whether you wash your hands after using the toilet.
Hi, do you have a minute? It seems like the boss wants to talk to you today, and I think he's pretty irritated.
We confirm your order. 1 carpaccio sandwich, 2 salmon sandwiches, 2 egg sandwiches, 1 water, and 4 diet colas. We will deliver the order to [work address] within 30 minutes.

Funny WhatsApp messages for your family

Want to prank your family with a funny WhatsApp message on April 1st?

  • Use Photoshop or Canva to create a photo of yourself with a 'new' hairstyle. Go for a shortcut for the big shock, but keep it somewhat realistic. If you're not good with Photoshop or Canva, ask someone to help you or see how far you can get with filters or apps like Faceapp.
  • Send your father/mother a message with the text: 'Call me now! This can't wait.' And then don't answer the phone. Call back after half an hour to say it was just a joke.
  • Use an app like Fake All or Fake Chat to create screenshots of fake incoming messages or calls. Trick someone into thinking that their girlfriend is trying to flirt with you. Or pretend that your boss is texted you saying he's going to fire your colleague.
  • Another prank that works well is pretending to have reconnected with that summer fling and you're moving in together. Your story is that you clicked so well that you realized there's a lot of 'unfinished business' between you. That's why you've decided to give it a chance, go visit him/her, and start a new life together.

More ideas for funny WhatsApp messages

In some cases, it's even more fun to prank people from an anonymous name or on behalf of an organization.

  • Everyone knows someone on Facebook or Instagram who participates enthusiastically in ‘like and win’ contests. If someone you know is participating in it to win a vacation, send them a WhatsApp message on behalf of the organization, saying that they have won the trip and need to contact you (and end with your own number to laugh together).
  • Sending a WhatsApp message from PornHub (or another adult service) to say that the account is currently at 80% of its monthly availability can also create a hilarious situation.

What criteria should an April Fools' joke on WhatsApp meet?

So, now you've got plenty of inspiration. Do you want to come up with something yourself? Then it's good to know what makes a funny WhatsApp message. Keep these three points in mind before you strike.

Be credible

This is the trick! You really want to make people doubt whether your joke is real or not. Therefore, pay attention to the time, location, and other information of the person you're going to fool. This way, you ensure that your WhatsApp joke or text message is credible.

Be respectful

Consider sensitive topics beforehand and consider whether the joke is really that funny. A flat tire, a vacation won, or a shaved pet are top jokes, but jokes about death, illness, or intimidation are obviously a no-go.

Consider group dynamics

WhatsApp groups are handy and fun, especially for funny WhatsApp messages. You can fool multiple people at once. Ideal, right?

However, keep in mind that not everyone in the group has the same personality and humour. Some people are more cynical and less gullible than others. Therefore, consider whether the whole group will fall for the joke.

If you're planning to make a good April Fools' joke via WhatsApp, then these are all important factors to keep in mind!

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