Send a Magical Text Message from Santa: 3 Easy Steps

Send a text message from Santa Claus himself! Write your own magical message and Santa will deliver the happy message to your little one, friend or colleague.

Send a personal text from Santa!

It's that time of the year again: the Christmas season! There are many reasons to love this season. One of them is the joy of receiving a personal message from Santa. The jolly old man has his own cell phone now. You can have Santa text anyone you'd like through this website! Follow our 3 steps below and make this years Christmas an unforgettable experience! 🎅🏻

Step 1: The basics

Open our page to compose your text message from Santa. All you need to get started is the mobile phone number of the receiver. Simply enter the number and ensure that you see a green checkmark indicating the number is correct. You can text to every country in the world. For receivers in the United Kingdom or New Zealand you can optionally select "Santa" from the list of available senders.

Step 2: Write your message

Let's get creative! What do you want Santa to say? Write your own personalised Christmas message from Santa. Use emoji's to make the experience extra magical. You can use one of the cheerful examples below for inspiration. Just copy a message you like & send the message using our website.

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Motivational messages:

Hi George. It's Santa! Did you know each time you take good care of your dog Max, your name sparkles on my good list! 🌟
Hi Matthew, this is Santa. Only 11 more days to go! Today our head Elf told me that Naperville has the highest number of good boys! 🎅🏻
Hello-ho-ho Noah, it's Santa here. I've been busy this Saturday morning checking my good list! Can you do 3 nice things for someone today? Illinois has the highest number of good kids! - Santa

Wishlist messages:

Ho ho ho! It sure is cold on the North Pole today. Don't forget to tell me your Christmas wish! ⭐
Hi Emma, this is your Secret Santa. Don't forget to tell me your wishlist for this year! Greetings from the North Pole


Who's your Secret Santa? Ho ho ho, you'll never find out! So you better not pry and you better not pout. Love you! 💖

Tip! Copy a message of your choice and send the sms easily & anonymously through our website.

Step 3: Send Santa's message

Once you've written Santa's message, you can send it with ease on behalf of Santa Claus. Just press send and Santa's message will be delivered within seconds! You will receive a notification of delivery indicating that the message has been delivered. Send as many messages as you'd like.

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We hope you enjoy using our website. Have a lovely Christmas! 🎄

Your identity remains secret

Nobody can trace your text message, unless you decide to reveal your identity in the message itself. We treat your data with confidentiality. We will not share your information with anybody. After a short time our system automatically deletes all messages and their corresponding data. Your privacy is therefore guaranteed.

Delivery guaranteed

Each text message you send carries a one-time fee of £1.25. With just a few clicks you can pay safely via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Credit card. The service is therefore not free, but in return the delivery of your message is guaranteed. After every sent message you will receive a confirmation of delivery with the exact time of delivery.

Now you know how it works. Give it a try, or check out our other article to find out exactly how anonymous text messaging works.

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