How to Message a Person Who Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

Has somebody blocked you on Messenger? Then you won't be able to chat with or call this person. However, there is a way to circumvent this block.

Bypass a Facebook Messenger block

There is another way if you urgently want to speak to somebody who has blocked you on Messenger. With a simple trick a message sent via SMS will still be delivered. Enter your message on this website and send it as a text message with its own delivery time and a different sender.

Since you're not sending the text message from your own number the message will be delivered as usual. You could, for example, write "Anonymous" or "Secret" as the sender. It does not matter if you've been blocked on Facebook Messenger or anywhere else. A text message with an anonymous sender will always be delivered.

Click here to write a message

Just like on Messenger you'll receive a notification when the message is delivered. You'll get a notification with the exact time of delivery. Via this website you can send unlimited text messages and have them delivered at a time of your choosing. There are no restrictions! However, we do ask you to always remain friendly towards the recipient.

Your identity remains secret

Nobody can trace your text message, unless you decide to reveal your identity in the message itself. We treat your data with confidentiality. We will not share your information with anybody. After a short time our system automatically deletes all messages and their corresponding data. Your privacy is therefore guaranteed.

Delivery guaranteed

Each text message you send carries a one-time fee of £1.49. With just a few clicks you can pay safely via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Credit card. The service is therefore not free, but in return the delivery of your message is guaranteed. After every sent message you will receive a confirmation of delivery with the exact time of delivery.

Now you know how it works. Give it a try, or check out our other article to find out exactly how anonymous text messaging works.

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